The gloomy Eye of Evil

Some days ago, when I left my office to go home, I took the lift with a colleague of mine. All of a sudden he said: “another day is gone, a day that will never come back!” I don’t know why, maybe he wanted only to act gloomy, but his voice sounded scary. I have to describe him. This strange fifty-something guy looks like Vincent Price in a ‘50s horror movie, but he’s single eyed too. Well, Vincent Price is not the scariest character you can see today, so you have to add more details to make a shape of evil! I said “but tomorrow we can have another day of funny work!” and he replied, dropping his single eye gaze, “day after day, night after night, and then? What will we have? Only the empty, the Big Damn Empty. Nothing!” “Ehm… the ground floor. Have a nice night and… think positive!” That was my answer, but my thoughts were: “What the fucking nothing? Maybe the Big Damn Empty is in your brain! If I want to know something about the meaning of life I prefer to watch a Monty Python’s movie. Surely I don’t need your wisdom, man!” Only my thoughts, ‘cause I’m too well-mannered to tell an older guy these sort of things.


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  1. Paolo

    l’hai messa davvero…

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